Dong-Yun Kwon, Solo Bassoon

  • R.Schumann - Three Romances
  • E.Elgar - Romance
  • G. Noel-Gallon - Recit et Allegro
  • A.R.Kelley - Sonata for 2 bassoons and continuo
  • J.P.Schifflholz - Trio sonata No.27
  • G.F. Handel


Bassoonist Dong-Yun Kwon and Otto Eifert manifest the beautiful virtue of the bassoon through their performance. The pastoral, calm performance was simply elegant.
From the Woman's News.

The tone is clear and lyrical. The fascination and beauty of the bassoon sound is expressed in this CD.
From the Kukje Daily News.

The recording is well done. In all of these works the balance between the soloists is masterful and inseparable. This is a very nice CD, and I recommend it strongly to you, especially for the fine two-bassoon works it presents.
by Ron Klimko, The Reed 1997.