Dong-Yun Kwon, Bassoon Recital

  • Glinka - viola sonata in D-Minor
  • Hurlstone - sonata in F-Major
  • Persichetti - Parable for solo bassoon
  • Flament - concert piece op.13
  • Breval - sinfonia concertante for flute, bassoon and piano in F-Minor


This is the first recording of these bassoon pieces in the world. It’s a very welcomed CD for every bassoonist. Well done live performance. Music Journal – 1997

Dong-Yun presents herself very well here. She has a lovely tone, with a nice vibrato and a broad dynamic range. Her technique is very strong and well suited to the technical demands of the music. The recording is excellent for a "live" performance, it sounds very natural. The bassoon and piano balance is excellent, as well. Especially noteworthy is her performance of the Persichetti, where she displays fine control over the instrument, and the Flament Concert Piece, which alternates convincingly between being both flash and melancholy. This is a very well done CD-exceptional for a live performance-and I rate this CD very highly. By Ron Klimko (IDRS Magazine 1998)

The second CD is another example of the Dong-Yun Kwon who merited full attention from the International Double Reed Society in 1997, when she released her first CD. This confirms her position as a world soloist. Busan Daily News.

The bassoon sound has many colors; pastoral, peaceful and lyrical. Here Dong-Yun Kwon's tone adds the "feminine touch". The bassoon is known to be a very difficult solo instrument to control, but Dong-Yun handles all the challenges with ease, while bringing out her personality through the bassoon and her music. Dong-A Daily News, News Plus.