I had the pleasure of conducting the Campbellsville University Orchestra when Dong-Yun was the guest soloist. She is an outstanding bassoonist in addition to being excellent teacher. This experience was wonderful for our orchestra and for me as conductor.
- Dr.Robert Gaddis- Dean of music Campbellsville University –

In the 20 years I have known Dong-Yun, I have always been amazed at her tone, control and technique. She is a very strong bassoonist, all her registers sound full and even. Her interpretation is expressive and well thought out. Her execution is always precise and consistent. I have been honored to work with her as a soloist several times and always enjoyed making great music with her.
- Sung Kwak - Conductor Busan Philharmonic Orchestra –

“Congratulations! Your performance was delightful. You brought out all the charm and elegance in the piece and showed your impeccable technique as well. I am very proud of you! It was my absolute privilege and honor to make music with you. Thank you for a wonderful musical experience.”
- Raffaele Ponti – Conductor Paducah Symphony Orchestra –

It’s always my pleasure to work with Dong-Yun. I love her bassoon sound, so full and dark. Her interpretation brings out the full range of expression of the bassoon.
- Otto Eifert - Bassoonist –

It’s always my pleasure to work with Dong-Yun. I love her bassoon sound, so full and dark. Her interpretation brings out the full range of expression of the bassoon.
- Otto Eifert - Bassoonist –

Touched by Dong-Yun Kwon’s bassoon playing in her Seoul solo recital concert, I look forward to hearing her performance with the Busan Philharmonic Orchestra.
- Kye-Hwan Jeong, KBS Classical music critic –

Not until I heard Dong-Yun Kwon’s recital did I realize that the Bassoon was such a delicate, sophisticated, and graceful - let alone melodious- musical instrument.
- Byong-Hun Kim, Professor of Chungnam Nastional Univesrity –

Her bassoon playing is very smooth and has subtle phrasing. Her bassoon tone is more beautiful than most people usually imagine them to be. She performed particularly demanding and difficult contemporary bassoon solo pieces with precise rhythm and a potent sense of appeal, drawing the audience deeply into the music.
- Jae-Eun Park, Composer –

There are many words to describe the bassoon sound; pastoral, serene, peaceful also humorous at times. Dong-Yun Kwon adds one more description to the list: feminine sensibility. Although the bassoon is not always suited to be a solo instrument, she manages to express her musical personality through her music.
- Dong-A Newspaper –

All the names of these composers are unfamiliar. All five pieces are Korean premieres. We are proud to produce your CD.
- Seung Eum, Korea Recording Label –

The Bassoon is made out of special wood, the musician carves and customizes their reed in order to create their own sound. Dong-Yun Kwon expresses her feminine side in her sensitive and warm performance.

Bassoonist Dong-Yun Kwon and Otto Eifert manifest the beautiful virtue of the bassoon through their performance. The pastoral, calm performance was simply elegant.
- From the Woman's News –

The tone is clear and lyrical. The fascination and beauty of the bassoon sound is expressed in this CD
- From the Kukje Daily News –

The recording is well done. In all of these works the balance between the soloists is masterful and inseparable. This is a very nice CD, and I recommend it strongly to you, especially for the fine two-bassoon works it presents.
- by Ron Klimko, The Reed 1997 –

This is the first recording of these bassoon pieces in the world. It’s a very welcomed CD for every bassoonist. Well done live performance.
- Music Journal – 1997 –

Dong-Yun presents herself very well here. She has a lovely tone, with a nice vibrato and a broad dynamic range. Her technique is very strong and well suited to the technical demands of the music. The recording is excellent for a "live" performance, it sounds very natural. The bassoon and piano balance is excellent, as well. Especially noteworthy is her performance of the Persichetti, where she displays fine control over the instrument, and the Flament Concert Piece, which alternates convincingly between being both flash and melancholy. This is a very well done CD-exceptional for a live performance-and I rate this CD very highly.
- By Ron Klimko (IDRS Magazine 1998) –

The second CD is another example of the Dong-Yun Kwon who merited full attention from the International Double Reed Society in 1997, when she released her first CD. This confirms her position as a world soloist.
- Busan Daily News –

The bassoon sound has many colors; pastoral, peaceful and lyrical. Here Dong-Yun Kwon's tone adds the "feminine touch". The bassoon is known to be a very difficult solo instrument to control, but Dong-Yun handles all the challenges with ease, while bringing out her personality through the bassoon and her music.
- Dong-A Daily News, News Plus –

It is remarkable to see that the nation's first Bassoon concerto CD is released in Korea. You will be fascinated by Dong-Yun Kown's advance technique, musical sensitivity, bassoon's unique color, and the harmony between the soloist and the orchestra.
- Haute –

It is impressive to see how Dong-Yun Kwon used her beautiful sound and skill to express the contrast between the fast, powerful technical passages with the gentle, lyrical British folk melodies. This is the very first bassoon concerto CD in the nation. We look forward to see her next CD release.
- Korea Music Jounal –

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